Activating Open Spaces with Community

When I first jumped into the environmental movement, I championed outdoor engagement, convinced of the need for more experiences, touches and connections with the living systems that support all of us.

Finding a Place Under the Big Tent

Jane Harvey arrived early at the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in Seattle. Along with a handful of other volunteers, she organized nametags at a front table. She helped prep the main hall for a day of presentations, panels and table talks.

What’s Democracy Got to Do with It?

David Bangs was all-in on the environment. His experience on SVP’s grant committee inspired more than a decade of giving and angel investing. Then in 2013, David joined the first cohort of SVP’s Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellows to deepen his impac

From Bowhead Whales to the Orchestra Stage

lease don’t tell my kids or my parents or in-laws, but I am faking my way through this environmental activism thing. I’m not faking my passion for the topic. I’m not faking the things I hope to accomplish.

Philanthropists in Green

With a growing population, shrinking natural resources and a rapidly changing climate, the need for strong environmental leaders is greater than ever. 

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