About Us

Get to know us

Our mission

SVP works to connect and invest in people and organizations to co-create thriving, sustainable, and just communities. 

What we do

To advance our mission of creating a more racially just Seattle, SVP Seattle has five focus areas:

  • WEALTH EQUITY: SVP advocates for policy change and supports collective learning to address systemic inequities perpetuating poverty.
  • HEALTH EQUITY: SVP is leveraging the national expertise and leadership of our Partners to collectively support grassroots health equity work in King County and Washington State through our Health Equity Cohort.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE: SVP is using our power as a collective to highlight and support early-stage BIPOC-led non-profits working on solutions to climate change in our first Climate Justice Grantmaking Cohort.
  • EDUCATION: We support local non-profits working to advance education for Black, Indigenous and children of color through grantmaking and skilled volunteering, including STEM Paths Innovations Network and Look, Listen & Learn.
  • PARTNERING WITH NON-PROFITS: We are reimagining how volunteers can give their talent, time, and ties in ways that are more impactful for our non-profit partners through training, peer-sharing, and experiential learning.

How we do it

  • BUILD POWER: We provide training and peer learning to people interested in learning how to use their skills to partner with local organizations. This results in hundreds of donated hours each year to help support thriving and sustainable community-led organizations.
  • LEVERAGE OUR POWER: We use our connections to leverage additional funding, marketing, and volunteer time for local BIPOC-led organizations.
  • GIVE WEALTH: Your partnership directly supports BIPOC-led organizations through our participatory grantmaking programs. Together, we leverage, connect, and give dollars to the community to help ensure our community partner organizations can thrive.
  • SHIFT WEALTH: We use our voices to advocate for wealth equity through more public policy change.