Skilled Volunteering

Connecting people with their passions

Hundreds of SVP Seattle Partners have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with non-profit leaders to create change through our skilled volunteering program. SVP Seattle Partners share their talent and time with our non-profit partners, working collaboratively to increase each non-profit’s capacity to fulfill their mission, implement their programs, and serve their communities. This program also creates relationships between Partners and non-profits built on trust, shared work, and goals.  

The Who

SVP Seattle’s skilled volunteering program works with our grantees, as well as additional non-profits who are part of a pilot to expand our work with non-grantees.

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The How

Each non-profit organization in our skilled volunteering program selects a “Lead Partner,” who serves as the primary project manager. The Lead Partner works with grantee leadership to identify work plans, project identification and management, and connections to other Partners to work on specific projects.   

The What

Typical project areas for skilled volunteers

  • Financial systems and fiscal management  
  • Information technology strategy and support  
  • Resource development and fundraising  
  • Strategic and business planning  
  • Human resources strategy and support  
  • Board development  
  • Communications and marketing 
  • Program development  
  • Coaching and mentoring