Your advocacy can change the status quo

Social and racial inequities are often the result of broken systems that create barriers to change. Traditional philanthropy alone isn’t enough to achieve lasting progress: that’s why SVP is reimagining the philanthropic toolkit.

You can learn through SVP how to practice effective, achievable, collective advocacy alongside giving and service. By leveraging your relationship networks – your ties, time, and talents – you can help community partners build their reach and influence and work together to achieve a more just future for everyone.

The Who

Community members who are most impacted by inequity are leading advocacy movements to achieve policy and structural changes. SVP Partners learn through SVP how to use their connections and voice to amplify the reach and influence of grantees and non-profit partners. Together we can increase the capacity and impact of community-led movements for change. 

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The How

If you are new to collective advocacy, you can explore and learn in small groups with other SVP Partners about simple and effective ways to become an advocate for community-led priorities. If you are ready to mobilize, we can connect you with urgent advocacy issues that we are working on now such as addressing the roots of wealth inequality.

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The What

  • Skill building workshops that train philanthropists-as-advocates.
  • Advocacy working group meetings to discuss current issue areas led by SVP Partners and our non-profit partners.
  • Direct action opportunities to convene your network and amplify systems change that’s already underway.