Tali Rausch

Vice Chair

Tali joined SVP in 2019 and began serving on the SVP Board in fall 2021. She works as a nonprofit consultant and has a passion for advocacy, policy, and social justice. Tali is excited to join the SVP Board at a time that the organization is pivoting and adding advocacy to its principal work.

Tali has worked for over 25 years in the nonprofit sector; she started her nonprofit career as a swim instructor at the YMCA of Greater Boston where she wore multiple hats over 10 years — from managing various department, to helping open a new branch, to developing community programming and partnerships.

Since moving to Seattle in 2009, Tali has been involved with several nonprofits and served on a handful of boards. She co-founded Washington’s Paramount Duty in 2015, a grassroots organization that advocates for fully funding public education in Washington State. Her full-time job includes being a mom of three teens.

Tali holds an M.A. in Urban Policy and Planning from Tufts University, is a Class of 2015 Leadership Tomorrow graduate, and credits the mobile chess app, and her family, for making it through COVID lockdowns.