Susan Sullivan

SVP Partner

Susan and her husband joined Social Venture Partners in 1998 wanting to learn more about community issues and how to invest effectively in organizations to create social change. In 2004 they served together on the SVP Early Learning Grant Committee. From 2006-2013 Susan facilitated Social Venture Kids, SVP’s teen grantmaking program, which provided youth members with the opportunity to explore issues, award grants, and learn about the impact of local nonprofits.

In 2011 along with several other SVP partners, Susan was one of the founding members of the nonprofit Eastside Pathways. Eastside Pathways is applying the Collective Impact framework to mobilize the entire community to support every child in Bellevue from cradle to career. While there she wore multiple hats – from managing communications and operations to facilitating the community engagement and racial equity team.

More recently, Susan went back to school, culinary school, to pursue her passion for baking bread. In addition, she loves spending time with her grown daughters, playing soccer, paddleboarding, and eating.