Sofia Michelakis

SVP Partner

Sofia has been involved in philanthropy since 2006 when she joined the staff of Social Venture Partners Seattle and developed programs for partner engagement and learning. In her current day job, Sofia manages a dynamic team that supports the Giving Pledge — an initiative to change the norms of wealth and philanthropy for ultra high net worth givers. Sofia is increasingly convinced that we are at a significant inflection point for the field of philanthropy, and that donors are being called to develop greater trust and mutually beneficial relationships with changemakers and communities, and transform themselves along the way.

Before moving into the social sector, Sofia practiced corporate law. She has a J.D. from the University of Michigan and a B.A. from Stanford. She and her husband John Ciochon, who is an educator with a Masters in Teaching from Antioch, have been Seattle partners since 2013. Sofia also serves on the board of Social Venture Partners International and is the immediate past board chair.

In addition to enjoying habitat restoration projects and camping, Sofia, John, and their son Harben are a little obsessed with costumes and scavenger hunts. More recently, Sofia has developed a practice of breaking the isolation of working from home through weekly cold water plunging in the Puget Sound.