Shiho Fuyuki

SVP Partner

Shiho joined the People’s Economy Lab (PEL) as a lab leader in 2019, where she worked to support the development of new economic systems that center and empower Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) as part of the advancement toward a restorative economy in Washington State. She supports the work of New Economy Washington Frontline Community Fellows, convenes PEL’s Community Capital Working Group, and is active in the New Economy Washington Funders Collaborative, which explores system change strategies that shift money, resources, and power to BIPOC communities. 

Shiho is an independent consultant and philanthropic advisor. In these roles, her work focuses on connecting values-aligned stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii’s social impact ecosystems, prioritizing equitable access to resources and economic justice for underserved communities. Over the last decade, she has worked with many foundations and impact investors across the country to deploy capital in more meaningful ways through fostering shared learning experiences, curating resources, and facilitating relationship building.

She is a current steward of Canopy, a community of practice for foundation finance/investment officers in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii; and the Northwest Native Lending Network, a partnership network designed to support Native Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and other lending institutions to better serve Native entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. Shiho is a past co-chair of the Seattle Chapter of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy and co-founder of Kibei Giving Circle.