Jordan Goldwarg

Board Member

Jordan Goldwarg is the Executive Director of OneWorld Now (, a youth development program that promotes global citizenship through a combination of world language study, leadership workshops, and study abroad. Much of his professional career has been spent helping youth unlock the leadership potential that they innately possess. A former high school history teacher, he was previously the Seattle Chapter Director of Kids4Peace International, a non-profit organization that brings together Muslim, Jewish, and Christian youth from the United States and Israel/Palestine for leadership development, civic engagement, and social change projects.

Outside of OWN, Jordan volunteers with a number of organizations, including the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network and Common Power (a nonprofit that connects Seattle-based volunteers to on-the-ground civic volunteer opportunities–like voter registration and candidate canvassing–in states around the country). He also serves on the City of Seattle’s Domestic Workers Standards Board. Jordan and his husband also enjoy taking advantage of the amazing outdoor opportunities around Seattle, especially skiing (cross-country and downhill), running, cycling, and hiking.