Jim McGinley

SVP Partner

Married to Monica with three wonderful daughters Erin, Colleen and Caitlin who inspire us with change they lead globally. Executive leadership positions in the high-tech industry with large and small companies as well as with nonprofit organizations. Active in various communities with organizations including Seattle Social Venture Partners (joined in 2001), Big Brothers/Big Sisters (7 Little Brothers, President of 3 Boards), Boards of Executive Service Corps (now called 501 Commons) and Center for Ethical Leadership, CASA, Ashoka/Youth Venture, Parish Council and helped found school etc.

Moved from Toronto (family are US and Canadian citizens) to Seattle in 1999 to start a software business after being involved in selling an electronic commerce business. Stepped down from CEO role (still on the Board) after rethinking my purpose in life which these days is focused on being a connector with global nonprofits with a focus on education equity.  This includes intergenerational opportunities where young people inspire and educate older people and vice versa. Was introduced to Bill Drayton (founder of Ashoka with vision of Everyone a Changemaker – and Youth Venture with a mission of building a global movement of young changemakers) by Paul Shoemaker in 2004 and became involved in Ashoka/Youth Venture in various ways. Founded Youth Venture Seattle in 2008 which led to over 4,000 youth venturers by 2013. Represent Ashoka in Seattle including extending Ashoka’s vision of “Everyone a Changemaker vision” to helping Seattle become an “Everyone a Changemaker city”, supported Changemaker schools at the elementary, high school and college level, support Ashoka Fellows etc. Led the launch of the Encore Fellows program with various SVP affiliates. 

Active with Encore.org and the Encore Network with a focus on intergenerational work. Helped launch Eastside Pathways by facilitating one of its original six goals.  Continue involvement with EP through SVP’s EduCAT work.   Helped found Jesuit Volunteer Encore and was on the Board of the Ignatian Spirituality Center.  Helping to scale Quest for Space which trains elementary, middle and high school youth on conducting science and technology experiments that are uploaded to the International Space Station.  It also has ocean, robotics and other programs. Basically, I am having fun!