Jason Sears

SVP Partner

Jason Sears is social entrepreneur with a talent for pulling people together and co-creating meaning in community. Jason shares: “I love collaborations, and thrive in active groups with diverse participants. My skills have blended with others in the past to raise millions of dollars, create new programs, and re-structure nonprofit organizations. I have family in both Boise and Seattle, so I travel between them often, camping and hiking along the way. I’m a recovering addict, vegan, collapse aware, spiritual seeking systems thinker, and a huge fan of SVP’s efforts to re-think philanthropy by centering relationships and promoting equity.

I’m currently in service to VillageCo as our Administrative Director and Board Secretary. Our mission is to provide the tools and support groups need to create Villages in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and families. Villages are a relationship-centered approach to community, and our tools involve both software and methods of organizing in-person gatherings.”