Gregory Whiting

Board Member

Gregory Whiting is a clinical social worker, experienced educator, and consultant.  Having worked in publishing, human resources, the academy, emergency medicine, and community mental health, he has a set of skills and experiences that allow him to connect across a variety of differences to solve human problems.

Gregory holds a Bachelor’s degree Psychology from the University of Michigan and a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Washington.  His most notable educational experience at the University of Michigan has been his engagement in research, dialogue facilitation, and training through The Program on Intergroup Relations.  Through this work, Gregory has been able to teach and learn in Beijing, develop a study abroad program sending University of Washington students to Ghana, and cultivate shared meaning for incarcerated women in the state of Michigan. He is a clinical Social Worker, with independent clinical licensure in the states of California (94147) and Washington (LW60548756).  Gregory’s clinical social work has enabled him to serve the complex needs of a variety of King County residents such as homeless people, youth in schools, incarcerated people, and medical patients with complex treatment needs.  Gregory is also the director of Equity and Inclusion for Food Lifeline. 

His journey with Social Venture Partners started as a Brainerd Fellow under the encouragement of friend and fellow member Kevin Proctor.  Gregory‚Äôs continued engagement with SVP has been enhanced by the strong relationships current and past staff have formed as well as strong values and social connections with current board members such as Jon Kauffman and Ruby Love.  Gregory is an avid science fiction fan.  He prefers biking over walking, and enjoys the challenge of learning new skills such as boxing.