Cliff Hawk

SVP Partner

Cliff has worked on various technology and internet businesses for 25 years, primarily in new product development.  Cliff led partnerships for Microsoft’s Bing and MSN properties and partnered with over thirty technology and media companies to license content and build products.  Cliff was the first product manager for Bing Ads.  Cliff started the profitable search engine marketing program and was one of the first product managers for aQuantive, the largest digital advertising company at the time, which eventually sold to Microsoft.  Cliff left the corporate world to start a luxury travel website that connected travelers to tour and cruise companies worldwide.  Cliff grew that business to profitability, sold the business, and continued as CEO to grow the business for over two years until it was sold again to an internet consortium.  More recently, Cliff has enjoyed a sabbatical and then became a management consultant to B2B companies to help them navigate fast growth, with a hands-on approach to work and projects.

Cliff has a BA in Business from the University of Washington, and an MBA in marketing from Arizona State University.

Outside of work, Cliff is married and has one child named Grant.  Cliff has traveled to dozens of countries and dreams of traveling to dozens more.  He volunteers as a youth mentor and basketball coach.  He loves skiing, tennis, golf, basketball, hiking, reading, and funny movies