Bruce Jones

SVP Partner

Bruce Jones is currently active in several businesses part time, having left full time employment in 2003. Bruce began his career in programming and programming management in 1966. After ten years in data processing (as it was called at the time), he changed careers and joined Trick and Murray, the family office products and printing business in Seattle, eventually becoming its President and majority owner. He sold the business to Corporate Express (CE) in 1992 and developed the Seattle Division as its President until 1994, when he began commuting and working on corporate assignments for CE at its headquarters in Denver, CO.

The main focus of this work evolved into participation in the design and development a proprietary ERP system for the business. He held the position of Vice President – Business Architecture at CE until leaving the company in 2003. After leaving CE, Bruce became involved with another family business, Lake Union Drydock Co., and is currently its Chairman, with a part-time role. He is involved with several non-profits in the Seattle area and remains connected to Denver through a number of business investments.

Bruce is a Seattle native having grown up in Madison Park. He received his college education at the University of Washington. He is an avid boater and with his wife Joanne spends a good deal of time with his family who all live in the Seattle area. He has been a Bellevue area resident since 1976, and currently lives in Clyde Hill.