ICYMI: Shedding the Charity Mantra

If you missed the second event in our Non-Profit Learning Series on November 6, you can watch the event video here.

In the second session of our Non-Profit Learning Series, SVP Board Chair Ruby Love discussed the model and philosophy of non-profit organizations. How are they different than government or for-profit businesses? What are the different kinds of non-profit organizations and structures?

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This fall, we are deep-diving into how non-profits are changing to center the voices of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. The three-part series will each feature an hour-long presentation and conversation for Partners and community to learn together. Whether you are new to non-profits or seasoned in the sector, you’ll gain new information and contribute to the conversation. Each of the hour-long sessions will feature SVP Seattle Partners and non-profit leaders sharing their wisdom and experience. The first session will focus on non-profit history and mission, in What’s the Backstory of Non-Profits? The second session will feature a conversation on non-profit models and philosophy, in Shedding the Charity Mantra, and the third session will delve into non-profit boards and governance to answer the question Who is Robert, and why are we following his rules? Join for one session, or better yet, all three.