ICYMI: What’s the backstory with non-profits?

If you missed the first event in our Non-Profit Learning Series on October 26, you can watch the event video here.

In “What’s the backstory with non-profits,” SVP Seattle Partners and community leaders Regina Elmi and Stephanie McLemore Bray talked through the history and mission of non-profits and how the sector has evolved over time. Regina is the Executive Director of Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond, and Stephanie is the Chief Engagement Officer at the Seattle Foundation.

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This fall, we are deep-diving into how non-profits are changing to center the voices of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. Whether you are new to non-profits or seasoned in the sector, you’ll gain new information and contribute to the conversation. Each event will feature SVP Seattle Partners and non-profit leaders sharing their wisdom and experience. The first session will focus on non-profit history and mission, in What’s the Backstory of Non-Profits? The second session will feature a conversation on non-profit models and philosophy, in Shedding the Charity Mantra, and the third session will delve into non-profit boards and governance to answer the question Who is Robert, and why are we following his rules? Join for one session, or better yet, all three. We will be sharing recordings of all our Non-Profit Learning Series events for those who were not able to attend.