Becoming a Partner

SVP Seattle’s Reimagined Vision for Philanthropy

Social Venture Partners Seattle (SVP Seattle) believes that practicing philanthropy means giving a personally meaningful gift of time, talent, and/or treasure.

Partners at SVP Seattle can be an individual, or a group – such as a family, household, or other organized group – who give any combination of time, talent, or treasure to ensure mutual and ongoing success with our communities. Each Partner or Partner cohort pledges an annual gift to SVP Seattle, practicing collecting philanthropy and supporting the work of the organization and our Community Partners. 

What does it mean to give time, talent, and treasure?

  • TIME Investing your hours with SVP Seattle, nonprofit partners, and the community  
  • TALENT Building capacity within SVP Seattle and the larger community with knowledge and skills 
  • TREASURE Monetary gifts that support the mission, programs, and campaigns of SVP Seattle 
Partnership Options


SVP has a long history of granting to nonprofits in King County. Our grantee support goes beyond money and includes capacity building, network building, and movement organizing. We work with our Partners and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color organizations most impacted by the issues we address, to change the decision making around our grants process and grant decisions.


Our toolbox is expanding to move money and power through collective advocacy, civic engagement, and activism. We follow the lead of community-based partners as they identify opportunities for systems change.
We train and organize our Partners to lead on advocacy initiatives when appropriate, Respond to calls from the community to support advocacy efforts, and Participate in individual advocacy efforts


SVP designs learning journeys with our Partners that include training, committees, ad-hoc groups, and cohorts that deepen our understanding of how to shift power and resources. We also work with our Partners to create individual action plans to share their time, talent, and wealth