Skyway Coalition: Lead Partner (Volunteer)

SVP Seattle is welcoming applicants to be considered for the Lead Partner role in coordination, collaboration, and support for the Skyway Coalition. This grassroots BIPOC-led community coalition builds from the neighborhood of Skyway’s history of advocacy to amplify and empower the voices of its diverse residents. It challenges unjust systems and advocates for policies and funding that will help preserve and protect Skyway from displacement and cultural erosion by championing equitable affordable housing and economic development.

The Lead Partner will serve as the key contact, project manager, and liaison with the coalition and SVP Seattle. As the link between the coalition and the Partners, he or she will be responsible for coordinating execution and keeping SVP Seattle informed about initiatives to support the Skyway Coalition.

A “hands-on” approach to philanthropy, the SVP Seattle investment model includes strong partnerships between SVP staff and Partners with the staff and board of the Grantee organizations. The Lead Partner, along with the involvement and support of participating Partners, provides infrastructure skills and connections to nonprofits to help agencies build their organizational capacity and power.

Responsibilities of the Skyway Coalition Lead Partner include:

  • Act as a point-of-contact person between Skyway Coalition and SVP Seattle
  • Serve as the Project Manager, with the Manager of Skyway Coalition, supporting and monitoring the individual projects implemented
  • Work with SVP staff to identify, recruit and support Partners for projects with Skyway Coalition
  • Coordinate collaboration to achieve the following objectives:

o Guide the development and build the capacity of the Skyway Economic Development Committee

o Develop public relations and communications capacity for the Skyway Coalition

o Build public relations and outreach campaigns for Skyway Coalition

o Develop and implement advocacy campaigns with King County Government

  • Act as the “Grantee advocate” (i.e., be willing to speak about Skyway Coalition at Partner-wide functions as well as provide information to Partners or press, as needed)
  • Attend occasional Lead Partner meetings or gatherings
  • Project planning with Skyway Coalition
  • Make routine site visits with Skyway Coalition staff as conditions allow
  • Share regular project updates, news, and needs with SVP Seattle staff

Time Commitment
:  5-7 hours per month 

Skyway is a diverse community just south of Seattle, north of Renton, and east of Tukwila that sits atop a hill at the south end of Lake Washington and is home to more than 18,000 people. While the area median income in Seattle is $109,000, the median income in Skyway is $49,104. The Skyway community is 70% people of color, with 26% Black residents–the highest percentage in the state. Given its prime location and demographics, Skyway suddenly finds itself on the front lines of gentrification.

Despite its prime location next to the major commercial and industrial centers of Seattle and Renton, Skyway still lacks sufficient access to basic amenities and resources. It lacks a community center, accessible healthy food and grocery options, and sufficiently developed streets and sidewalks. Seventy-five percent of its buildings are more than 40 years old. The area doesn’t have access to rapid transit, thus restricting the flow of funding for critically needed affordable housing. The childhood poverty rate in Skyway is three times as high as the countywide median. All issues are exacerbated by the fact that Skyway does not have a city council or a mayor looking out for it.  The area relies on its regional government, King County, to perform most of the functions of a local government, which for many reasons is neither sustainable nor equitable.

The residents of Skyway have been advocating tirelessly for resources as well as protection for their community because they know what’s waiting around the corner. The economic tsunami that pushed out the seniors, people of color, working-class and low-income residents of Seattle’s core is coming for them next.

To apply: Please email your interest to Tara Hedayati at

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