CHOOSE 180: Lead Partner (Volunteer)

Social Venture Partners Seattle (SVP) welcomes applicants to be considered for the Lead Partner role with CHOOSE 180. Choose180’s mission is to transform systems of injustice and support young people who are impacted by those systems. It is working toward a future where young people are offered restorative practices in lieu of traditional prosecution. As the liaison between the Grantee and SVP Seattle, the Lead Partner will keep SVP Seattle informed of the progress of the project initiatives that have been jointly executed. Lead Partners with prior experience are encouraged to become involved and encourage other SVP Seattle Partners to participate and support these initiatives with their time and talent.

SVP Seattle’s approach includes creating strong partnerships between SVP staff and Partners with the staff and board of the Grantee organizations. Lead Partner, along with the support of participating Partners, provides infrastructure skills and connections to nonprofits in order to help these agencies build their organizational capacity and power.

Responsibilities of the CHOOSE 180 Lead Partner include:

  • Act as point-of-contact person between CHOOSE 180 and SVP
  • Serve as the Project Manager, with the Executive Director of CHOOSE 180, supporting and monitoring the individual projects implemented
  • Assist and build a connection with Choose 180 board members
  • Work with SVP staff to identify, recruit, and support Partners for projects with CHOOSE 180
  • Assist CHOOSE 180 with the completion of various tools: which may include

Organizational Capacity Assessment, work plan, reports

  • Support the Choose 180 Executive Director in assessing the organization’s capacity and creating a capacity building plan
  • Act as the “Grantee advocate” (i.e., be willing to speak about CHOOSE 180 at Partner-
  • wide functions as well as provide information to Partners or press as needed)
  • Attend occasional Lead Partner meetings or gatherings
  • Project planning with CHOOSE 180
  • Meets regularly with CHOOSE 180 staff as conditions allow​
  • Share regular project updates, news, and needs with SVP Seattle staff 

Time Commitment: 5-7 hours per month (may vary depending on Choose 180’s schedule and needs)

CHOOSE 180 envisions a future where youthful behavior is decriminalized and young people are offered restorative practices in lieu of traditional prosecution. In place of the school-to-prison pipeline, a community will exist to help young people realize their potential and provide them with the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

CHOOSE 180 began in 2011 as a community-centered effort in partnership with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to impact disproportionality, keep youth out of the juvenile justice system and break the school-to-prison pipeline.  Recognizing that the criminal justice system was not the most effective tool in addressing complex social issues, King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg reached out to community leader Doug Wheeler for help in creating a new way to serve our youth in these at-risk situations. Wheeler and community leaders created an organization where young people would be empowered by choice and motivated to change.  The partnership has since supported over 2,500 youth in avoiding criminal prosecution by redirecting their lives.

CHOOSE 180 serves as an emergency room for young people in crisis. We help them identify what’s wrong, the behaviors that keep them stuck, and the path toward positive change. We surround youth and young adults with a community of support that connects them to the resources and supports necessary to live out their commitment to CHOOSE 180.

Studies conducted by the University of Washington’s Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy division and King County’s Office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget show that CHOOSE 180 is more effective than established comparison programs at reducing recidivism and addressing disproportionality.

To apply: Please email your interest to Tara Hedayati at

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