Collaborative Grantmaking Cohorts

SVP Seattle is relaunching our former Collective Action Teams as our Collaborative Grantmaking Cohorts!

Our Collaborative Grantmaking Cohorts (CGC) will engage a cohort of SVP Seattle Partners to deep-dive on an issue impacting King County and our communities through peer learning, research, speakers, and experiential activities, concluding in making a grant to an organization working on the identified issue.

The CGCs will specifically look at the issues through a system and policy-change lens. We will research a pressing issue affecting our communities and identify how local non-profits and community organizations are engaging to change the systems through advocacy, coalition-building, research, and movement-building work. 

SVP Seattle is starting by relaunching our environment and education-focused grantmaking groups (formally known as EduCAT and EnviroCAT) in the spring of 2022. Pending funding, we hope to launch new CGCs focused on issues areas such as affordable housing and housing insecurity, democracy, and criminal justice.

The CJ-CGC will start on March 17, 2022 Thursday from 9:00-10:30am and run every other Thursday morning until June 23 (total of 10 sessions)

Climate Justice Collaborative Grantmaking Cohort

Emiko Atherton, SVP Seattle’s Executive Director, will lead the Climate Justice Collaborative Grantmaking Cohort (CJ-CGC). This cohort of eight to ten Partners will explore how racial equity, health, and economic prosperity are all related to climate change. We will research and explore systems-change initiatives that are working to address climate justice at the state and local level by researching, participating in community events and actions days, and discussion groups. The CJ-CGC will also allocate funding (one, two-year grant of $15,000 each year) to support climate justice systems-change work to a non-profit or community organization. 

The Ed-CGC will start on March 7, 2022, Monday from 12:00 – 1:30pm and run every other Monday at the same time until June 27 (total of 9 sessions).

Education Collaborative Grantmaking Cohort

Pamela Oakes, owner of The Profitable Non-Profit, will lead the Education Collaborative Grantmaking Cohort (Ed-CGC). This cohort is focused on cradle to career education: ensuring all kids enter kindergarten ready to learn and all students graduate from high school ready for college or a career.  We will research and explore academic models and best practices in closing the achievement gap for black and brown students, ensuring educational achievement regardless of zip code. The Ed-CGC will also allocate funding (one, two-year grant of $15,000 each year) to support education systems-change work to a non-profit or community organization.

Members of SVP Seattle’s CGCs have four main roles to play:

  1. Grantmakers – We provide funding support to help align and propel collaborative solutions to our community’s most entrenched problems. The entire cohort will participate in the grantmaking process, but the decision of the final grantee will be made by our Community Partners.
  2. Individual Advocates – We use our influence to reshape the systems that allow these problems to persist, and to advocate for the organizations SVP Seattle supports.
  3. Stewards of Change – We educate and engage Partners around our topic issue, documenting our work and sharing it with our philanthropic peers.
  4. Conveners and Connectors – We weave together common players in the education and environment arenas to amplify their impact. 

Member Requirements

Ideal CGC members are:

  • SVP Seattle Partners who are excited our reimagined vision! We are aiming for a mix of Individual and Community Partners to create a shared learning environment. Community Partners are our Partners who work with or for a community-based organization.
  • Able to regularly attend CGC meetings (2x a month) for four to five months.
  • Willing to contribute a financial gift to the grantee that will be given in addition to the grant of $15,000 (this gift should be personally significant and range from $5 -$15,000 and beyond).
  • Interested in learning more about systems change work. SVP Seattle will compensate CGC members who request a stipend $750 for their time and talent.